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About Us

Established in 2010, Growmax International has grown to be the industry leader and a world-class manufacturer of premium-grade filling and packing machines. Leading the way in innovation, we have been involved in manufacturing premium quality machines as a reliable and affordable solution for many of our customers.

Our range of products involves machines like Filling machines, Packing and Making machines, Extruder Machines, Electric mixers, Industrial conveyors, Frying machines and much more. With years of expertise in the business of producing top-quality machines, Growmax International is a leader in innovations thanks to our team of experts and R&D capabilities that has enabled us to produce some of the most affordable solutions for numerous businesses in India.

With a commitment to quality and adherence to strict manufacturing standards, Growmax International has been in the industry for more than a decade providing products with excellent functionality, precision, and exceptionally long service life. We endeavour to abide true to our motto of quality by obtaining and integrating special grade components in our products from recognized vendors during the manufacturing stage for longer yield.

Rama Kant Sharma (Founder) is the guiding force that urges us to intensify our business values by establishing benchmarking standards in the industry.


Under his guidance, we have created a highly advanced work setup with an exceptional workforce, experts, and quality standards that meets customer demands with competence. Owing to our customer-centric approach, we have been able to create immense value in our creations and maintained a strong pioneering reputation of confidence among our managing entities, workforce, experts, and customers.

Our Vision

Growmax Machinery is a food processing machinery manufacturing company and our vision is to provide the best available food processing equipment to a wide range of industries and help them in reducing production downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most advanced and customized food processing solutions, designed to offer superior quality, safety, and convenience. Growmax International wishes to be the preferred food processing equipment solution provider in the global food processing business with an unwavering commitment to quality by using state-of-the-art technology.

Our Team

Growmax International is focused on high quality innovations and invests heavily in a team-based environment, where shared knowledge from experts helps produce the best inventions that can satisfy customer requirements with precision. We are proud to nurture a collegial workplace of efficient experts from the fields of manufacturing, raw material science, material management, and supply chain. Due to this unique coalescence, we are among the top trusted brands in India and a known name among the food and packing industries.

Why Growmax International?

We aim to become your one-stop destination for all kinds of Food Packing and Processing Machines. Due to the critical technological proficiency of our team members, Growmax has been instrumental in producing products that have impeccable quality standards. As a keen believer in customized production for higher efficiency, we provide the advantage of including design modifications that suit our client's requirements. This is one of the main reasons that our customers associate with us and affix a great value to our brand image. Furthermore, we operate on ethical standards giving us a flourishing future backed by the support and confidence of a large customer base.

Quality Assurance

Growmax International’s product line represents precision and endeavours to meet the requirements of customers with high accuracy. As a part of the quality assurance plan, we are devoted to stringent quality standards and policies that not only make our products safe for use but also meet an exceptional level of performance. With advanced testing methods and the use of hi-tech precision equipment for examining our final finished products, Growmax International ensures our products are made from good quality raw materials and excellent workmanship to achieve the highest grade of quality in our creations.

Our Infrastructure

In our years of serving the food sector in India, we understand that technology plays an important and key role in producing machines of exceptional quality. Therefore, we have created a modern facility with precision tools, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, skilled labour, and expert engineers that produce some of the best efficient food processing and packing machines in our product line in-house. Also, our infrastructure is divided into defined operative units for R&D, quality testing, packaging, and distribution with a focus on continuous improvement to achieve flawless quality and efficiency.

Our Infrastructure

Manufacturing Unit